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Invoices include information about the seller and buyer and are not only used for requesting payment, but also for record-keeping and payment instruction. QuickBooks Paymentsinvoicing features, you can accept payments, send custom invoices, and take advantage of automatic matching to streamline your bookkeeping. Financial statements update in real time, immediately reflecting shifts in your accounts receivable and bank account balances. Payment termsthat make sense for your business, your customer, and the transaction.

If you’re creating invoices manually, consider using accounting software or an invoice template that comes with the required fields already set up. This will save you time and help ensure no detail is left out when putting together your invoice. When all of the details are in order, simply send the invoice to the customer via email or postal mail.

Invoice as a confirmation of sale

Depending on who you ask, the terms “invoice” and “bill” can be used interchangeably. However, some definitions of these terms specify that “bill” applies to an immediate for payment, while an “invoice” refers to a request for payment that can be paid at a later time. When you invoice someone, you are telling them they can pay later. You don’t have to offer the same payment terms to each customer, FreshBooks advises. You can make some invoices due and payable on receipt, or 10, 15, 30, 60 or 90 days after delivery.


Save time with invoice templates and use a financial management program. A commercial invoice is a document created as proof of an international transaction between a buyer and a seller for legal purposes. It can primarily be used to calculate tariffs, determine taxes, and obtain customs clearance for the shipment of goods in and out of a country.

What Is an Invoice Used For?

A What Is An Invoice? What Is It Used For? is an invoice used to document an international transaction for customs declaration. At first glance, an invoice can seem like a straightforward document with the sole purpose of recording a transaction, but it can be used for a number of different reasons. An invoice needs to be time-stamped with the date that it is sent. Accuracy is essential to keep the books straight and make it easy to refer back to a previous job. Some industries may see businesses traditionally transacting on 60, 90, or even 120 day payment terms.

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